Status Update

What a year it’s been. I’ve been so preoccupied with University, making some cash on the side and overall staying afloat with life in general, that I’ve let this blog decay into ash and dust. Not my finest hour. However… I have some good news too!

I have accepted a Conditional Offer to join the University of Strathclyde as a PhD Student for the project “Visible light photonic circuits for quantum technology applications” in the integrated photonics group with Dr Michael Strain as my supervisor. All of this depends on one variable: getting a 2:1 in my Physics undergrad. Should be doable. It feels like studying actually has a purpose now.

Some results have came through from the first semester, getting 74 and 77 in two modules that are thankfully now completed. Now I just have 4 modules left, with half of the assignments completed and with all of the online exams in early May. I’m anxious, but this all still feels attainable. However, It’s been an uphill struggle. To be honest I’m beyond fed up with online learning – the social isolation is extremely tough.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of the results this year without the support of my wonderful boyfriend. I’m not usually the sappy kind, but it really means a lot to me to have someone fighting my corner. When I started my final year, I was overwhelmed with worry over making up for the mistakes of my second year when I let my studies slide, and thankfully I’ve managed to make up for those errors in my first semester this year! We’re on the home stretch now.

I did not apply for this round of the QOSF mentorship programme, because I really want to nail my studies now that the end is in sight. Historically, I’ve been the kind of person that is guilty of taking on too much and then spinning far too many plates and then crashing and burning. I’m really proud of myself that, this time, I was able to take a step back and prioritise my studies as I haven’t necessarily done this in my previous two years of Uni. Everyone loves some positive character development eh?

Looking to the future – I’m feeling more optimistic which has been difficult with the state of the UK due to Covid. I do miss my friends more than I ever have before. I miss my hobbies and circus and aerial. However, Matthew and myself are still healthy. I still get to play terraria occasionally with my best friends. Also, we might be welcoming a dog to the family soon! I’m excited for moving to Glasgow too when the time comes. I’m focusing on taking one day at a time and all in all, staying afloat is all that matters at the minute rather than doing too much and then burning out. Hopefully soon I’ll get the motivation to get back to coding a bit more, but right now the priority is to get through the second volume of Feynman’s lectures!

At the end of the day, who knows what the future holds for us?

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